Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Regent Jewellers has an excellent reputation for jewellery repairs, and we take great pride in restoring your special pieces back to their former glory. With our workshop situated on site, our jewellery experts are invariably available to process any repairs quickly and returned to their owners without lengthy delays or the need to send your precious items off site. If on occasion a repair does call for specialist intervention, we will always discuss this with our customer before proceeding. With our commitment to quality craftsmanship, we take pride in restoring your jewellery to its former glory and returning it to you without lengthy delays.

We work with gold, silver and platinum, and are able to take care of ring re-sizing, chain and bracelet repairs, replacing fastening and clasps, as well as re-setting stones.

Please get in touch to discuss any specific enquiries.

Examples of our work

Diamond Replacement

We had the pleasure of sourcing a replacement diamond for this beautiful ring. After finding a stone of the right size and grade, we examined the ring carefully and carried out the necessary repairs to ensure the setting was safe and secure. We set the replacement stone using specialist setting tools, polished the ring and returned it to the customer in almost new condition.

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Ring Shank Repair

This ring had been completely severed when we were asked to make repairs without altering the size. The ring was heated to anneal the gold, and then restored it to its original shape. The two ends of the shank were trued up, flux applied and solder added to match the purity and colour of the existing gold. Heat was skilfully used to ensure a seamless finish on the joint. The ring was cleaned, buffed and polished to a high gloss finish, and returned with no sign of there being any damage or repair at all.

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